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Food, focus, breathing and form are most important when it comes to fitness and exercise. The food you eat makes up 70% of your fitness. Success begins with a healthy lifestyle that brings balance of mind, body and soul. Without balance there is no peace, and without peace there is nothing. John loves helping people unlock their personal greatness, but only you can turn the key. 

Vegan Fit is not a diet or a trendy workout. It's about simple food changes that reduce your global footprint and have a positive effect on your health. It's about getting in tune with yourself to improve your health. 

The Vegan Fit Store is Now Open!

Take the JohnnyO Challenge

GET a jump on your Mind, Body and Spirit with the JohnnyO 21 Day Challenge to reduce your global footprint.

LunchBreakLive with Jane Velez Mitchell

featuring JohnnyO, Activist, Humanitarian Preparing

a Plant Base Pasta Protein Power Meal

[click here for show]