National Animal Relief and Welfare Association Inc

Welfare - Trust- Rights - Ethics 

The National Animal Relief and Welfare Association (NARWAI) is Getting fired up! Unite and speak up about animal rights. It's time for change, animals need you - to be their voice.  Join our group on Facebook, and go to website and become a member. Our website has the latest update on breaking news, and animal abuse cases that are currently active.   Animals have rights too, it's one big world and together we can make sure that animals everywhere are protected. 

About the founder of NARWAI

Debbie Godwin Bailey is the founder/president of NARWAI.  Debbie's career in business operations became her pathway to saving lives. Pleas for help in animal-related issues are too often denied or ignored. Believing that all deserve help Debbie advocated individually. 

Incidences of animal cruelty rose. More dangers and misdirection were born in the anonymity of social media. In response Debbie formed NARWAI, to organize people with common goals to promote effective advocacy and provide a forum for networking safely.  NARWAI's protocol is multi-faceted. Training,education and strategic planning are used to combat neglect and cruelty. Issue specific teams of skilled advocates and vetted members utilize technology to attain accountability for harm using a multi-faced, logical approach to investigate and incite legal action in animal cruelty cases. NARWAI has worked with local/federal officials, attorneys and other agencies successfully while educating advocates and the public on animal welfare issues, monitoring shelter activity and assisting /guiding members and the public on animal related concerns. Change Gonna Come for the voiceless and NARWAI will fight for the their lives until it does. 

Everyday animals are mistreated, neglected and abused. What can we do to stop this neglect and abuse, first you need to be informed and educated.  The first step is connecting with an organization that you can trust to have the animals best interests at heart. 

Let's go a step further, what happens when their is a natural disaster, flooding, forest fires, hurricanes, mudslides who helps the animals? Helping to evacuate animal shelters during and after a natural disaster is to saving animal lives.  Remember to stay informed, and if you think there is animal neglect going on please let one of our experts know.