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It's One Big World. 

Let​'s Save it Together.

At a young age, John knew that his heart was dedicated to saving and protecting all of Earth's creatures.  Realizing that everything is connected, he began an intense journey of self-discovery, dedicating himself to activism and keeping it real.

The Power of Rescue

with JohnnyO 

From childhood John began rescuing animals of all shapes and sizes. He took solace in helping those who could not help themselves.  John's campaign to Adopt don't Shop is core to his mission, along with exposing the horrors of puppy mills and dog fighting rings.  Are you interested in finding out what you can do to make life better for animals? John's Monthly Newsletter highlights key topics such as state and local animal laws, "no-kill" shelters, no animal testing and the true meaning of rescue. 

Mentoring & Leadership

with JohnnyO

 John's mentoring and leadership combined with his generosity as a humanitarian reaches many. Being an advocate for anti-bullying in youth has special merit to John. Growing up, John always defended those who did not have a voice. Sobriety has been a journey for John. Mentoring teens and young adults at all ages and stages about the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse, has also been a passion of his. John also speaks to schools and youth centers, and his style of speaking to youth really gets to the core of social pressures while creating a support network. 


with JohnnyO 

John's specially designed program combines core principles as a personal fitness trainer with simple ways to rejuvenate your mind body and spirit, by adjusting your lifestyle habits. In today's world of demands, schedules and life pressures, we often forget to take the time to take care of ourselves.  VeganFIT is not a diet or a trendy workout. It's about simple food changes that reduce your global footprint and have a positive effect on your health. It's about getting in tune with yourself and finding your "self-respect space", and expanding your mind-body flow to align yourself and improve your health. 

Recipes that Renew

with JohnnyO 

John was inspired to create Recipes that Renew after seeing the direct effects of processed foods on family members and friends' health. He did the work to  investigate the differences between farm-to-table and "real" organic foods, versus factory-to-table ingredients. Recipes that Renew are simple, affordable and health-wise, renewing your mind, body, and spirit. Your body is the machine that fuels your mind; what you eat counts.

Community Outreach

with JohnnyO 

John's principle of "If we all do a little it becomes a lot" shows that everyone can do their part to make their corner of the world a better place. John walks the walk with issues he's passionate about, especially Veteran's Affairs and Homelessness. .

Recycle Reclaim Reuse

Reduce Your Global Footprint with JohnnyO

Reducing your global footprint sounds overwhelming, but small changes really do add up.  Finding what works for you is the first step. John gives daily updates and pointers on Facebook that encourage everyone to do their part. It feels great to make the world a cleaner and greener as a legacy to future generations.