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Statement for Coach/Mentor

When learning about your mind, body & soul, you’ll make mistakes. You always think it’s your fault. My addiction became a factor. If you're being bullied to abused mentally, physically and/or emotionally, we turn to alcohol and drugs.

I came to find out later that we all have an addiction. It’s in our DNA. So I made a change turning to health and wellness then becoming a vegetarian to a vegan. Sex, drugs and rock n roll might sound cool but could also kill you.

Finding a balance is always a challenge. So I decided to become an athletic trainer, as well as my calling for Animal Welfare and Humanity. Many said, "you should be a life coach." I like the word mentor.

A life coach is about the experience of life. Consulting /helping others is my journey. What comes with all of this is loyalty and confidentiality. Let me start helping you find your mind, body & soul.

Consulting :

1) Animal Welfare

2) Humanitarian

3) Anti Bullying

4) Drug and Alcohol abuse

5) Health and a Wellness

6) Vegan Lifestyle

Thank you 🙏,

John Orlandini

Johnnyo Activist, Humanitarian

Johnny’s podcast interview with Jouni Ripattila, Certified Hypnotherapist and RTT Therapist speaking on Defining a Strong Man/Men’s Mental Health!

Everyday animals are mistreated, neglected and abused. What can we do to stop this neglect and abuse, first you need to be informed and educated.  The first step is connecting with an organization that you can trust to have the animals best interests at heart. 

Let's go a step further, what happens when their is a natural disaster, flooding, forest fires, hurricanes, mudslides who helps the animals? Helping to evacuate animal shelters during and after a natural disaster is to saving animal lives.  Remember to stay informed, and if you think there is animal neglect going on please let one of our experts know.