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The JohnnyO Chronicles

Welcome to my blog series which will cover subjects I feel to be important on animal welfare and humanity. 

An ongoing series of inspiration and information. Topics that are relevant and real. 

Animal Shelter Tips 

by JohnnyO

October 10, 2020

As I read about animal shelters good and bad we still need to care for the animals no matter the drama. Here is some tips to help you get through all weather and anything else.

Winter is coming to a close and you wait in anticipation as spring draws nearer, because with the advent of spring summer’s not that far away. It’s a mixed blessing however, since during the long winter months your work at the animal shelter can only be considered as slightly insane. With summer on the way though, you and your coworkers will have your work cut out for you. That’s the time when your "only slightly insane" workload turns into the full fledged pull-out-your-hair kind of insanity.

You like your job at the animal shelter, there’s no two words about that, but at times it can get overwhelmingly hectic. And most of the time that’s an understatement, "Hectic" is too calm a word to describe life at the animal shelter, especially when the heyday of summer sets in. During the winter months at least all you really need to do is look after the many inhabitants of the animal shelter and try to make them as comfortable as you possibly can.

If there are any sick or injured birds or animals you’ll need to look after them, and if you get a call from a hysterical person who’s sure there’s a family of bears hibernating in their barn, then you’ll need to go check that out. But really that’s about it. A few calls to take out some small, or big, animal that’s managed to get themselves trapped inside somewhere within your house or garden, perhaps a minor disaster or two to cope with, but overall only slight insanity will reign within the walls of the animal shelter.

That all changes however the minute springs blows in. From almost that point onward the animal shelter will gear up towards full blown insanity status in preparation for all the emergencies and disasters that all seem to befall the animal and bird population during these few months.

That’s when the calls starting rolling in and all our units at the animal shelter are kept constantly busy going back and forth between emergencies. They’re almost all the same type of calls year in and year out like, "Help, there’s a large bird stuck in my flue"Business Management Articles, or perhaps "I’m sure there’s a family of beavers trying to nest in the crawlspace above me."

One of the best calls that the animal shelter has gotten however was when one man called us frantically to say that a family of squirrels had taken over his wife’s underwear drawer and stolen each and every pair of expensive lingerie to line their nest. She was coming back home tomorrow and could we please get all the underwear back from the squirrels!

John Orlandini AKA Johnnyo Animal Activist and Humanitarian

Keeping it real.

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We Are All Responsible For Preventing Animal Cruelty 

by JohnnyO

June 20, 2020

My name is John Orlandini AKA Johnnyo Activist, Humanitarian People especially pet owners need to be conscious of what actually constitutes animal abuse. It is your responsibility to be aware of animal cruelty and how you can prevent it.

Make yourself conscious of what actually constitutes animal abuse. It is your responsibility to be aware of animal cruelty and how you can prevent it.

Raise your voice: They cannot speak for themselves, but you can. If you see any animal being abused to speak up. If you are witnessing any animal cruelty, call the authorities such as the local animal control, humane society, or the police. If you are ignoring animal abuse, you are a part of it. Remember people who abuse animals are five times more likely to abuse humans.

Respect: Growing up, not everyone is taught at school or at home that animals should be respected. Some think its okay to chain up animals, or to put them in cages. Would you be able to spend your life in one single room? No, you would lose your mind. To educate people otherwise, talks should be given to local schools. You can arrange an assembly or a community talk to raise awareness in your community and your children. If children learn about animal cruelty and to respect animals from a young age, they will continue to do so, and educate others too.

Law: Vote to make change your community. Look for political candidates who support animal protection. Visit or call their headquarters and find out what they have done in the society for animal rights. You can also reach to your current representative, and ask them to spread the word or start an animal protection program. There are laws that state animal abuse to be a violation of the law.

Give: Make donations to local animal shelters and animal protection organizations. These organizations will give more animals a place to live, food to eat, and so they can be cared for properly. If you are short on money, you can always give your time, a few hours every week will help them. You can submit opinions to a news paper, write your thoughts on a blog, or in your social media circles. Be a part of a social project, and help animals. Find some free time and start a fund-raiser in your community to help these animals.

Prevention: Vote with your wallet. Stay away from purchasing products which require animal testing or mammal skin or hair. Do not buy pets from stores or websites. Just visit your local animal shelter adopts or buys from trustworthy breeders. Work with groups Free Web Content, or organizations that work for this cause. Keep a check on your neighborhood. Tell your friends and family to do the same in their neighborhood. We have no right to exploit animals for our own purposes. We can work and hope that this will provide these harmless and loveable animals a better tomorrow.

John Orlandini AKA Johnnyo Animal Activist and Humanitarian

Keeping it real.

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Farm Factory on its last legs

by JohnnyO

May 1, 2020

If those who consume mass meat products could witness either a) the conditions 95% of the animals in the factory farm industry have to endure, or b) the loss that is accruing in humanity’s inner life due to this animal abuse – the industry would grind to a halt overnight. Surely the human race cannot be as diabolical as its relationship with the animal kingdom suggests.

Recently, although an omnivore in my own diet, and given to eating some meat (organically and humanely raised), I was ready to give up on humanity, a species that was continuing to allow acute brutality and suffering to visit animals (could this be the same humanity that initiated the SPCA? Or was that a mere ruse toward humane treatment of non-human species?).

However, I was not aware, at the time, of certain developments that gave cause for hope. For example, some European countries are slated to ban the harshest aspects of factory farming. And speculation suggests that the entire European Union will go on board in the (hopefully) near future. This development, in turn, will generate pressure upon North America to eventually follow suit.

And on this continent, the state of California has recently put forward a proposition to oppose the worst aspects of factory farming.

The real picture

The crowded conditions of factory farming require the use of increasing dosages of antibiotics and pesticides to maintain operations.

These chemical applications (through which the pharmaceutical industry is reaping obscene profits), it turns out, amount to the cultivation of superbugs that will almost certainly assail humanity in devastating ways.

The degradation of cattle is linked to the rise in Alzheimer’s disease, as the human brain gives way to a spongiform condition. Contrary to popular opinion, cows are still being forced to be cannibalistic, as they are fed blood, bone meal, and other miscellaneous aspects of other cows (no brain matter, but most everything else). And testing for Mad Cow currently involves only a tiny fraction of overall herds. Further, because Mad Cow can take ten years to manifest, it is estimated that thousands of infected cows per year are likely entering the system. If you are still eating beef, run like hell the other way!

(And see The Return of Bison and Wolf for an alternative.)

Environmentally, manure and wastes from combined animal operations account for three times as much waste as humans produce, wastes that commonly go untreated. This waste is contributing to emissions that are rapidly warming the planet and creating water pollution and \”dead zones\” nationwide.

The factory farm industry, and the wealthy and powerful agricultural and pharmaceutical lobbies, are at this moment fighting laws that would mandate the provision of information on toxic emissions.

Many North Americans and Europeans cite the cost of food as a reason to both avoid choosing organic food and to continue the barbarism against animals. In fact, the cost of food in North America is extremely low. Consider how in many Third world countries vast numbers of people are working all day just to feed themselves. That is truly expensive provision! In the developed countries, food – even if buying all organic and humanely raised food – is very inexpensive.

The factory farm issue is not at all a question of affordability. Rather, and quite remarkably, when we consider the economic impacts of environmental damage, human health impact (already big, but only the tip of the iceberg), socioeconomic impact, not to mention the weighty load of nasty karma diners-on-suffering-flesh are surely accruing. . . it’s becoming clear now that we cannot afford to continue factory farming.

Some of the ingredients in animal factory feed translate, ultimately, into what they are feeding you: excessive grain (not a natural diet for cattle – leads to liver and digestive imbalances and illnesses); shredded bits of plastic(!) in lieu of natural roughage; meat from the same species (cannibalizing effect, leads to BSE, avian bird flu, lots more to come); animal by-products (so-called “animal protein products” – rendered feathers, hair, skin, hooves, internal organs, beaks, bones; drugs and chemicals (needed due to over-crowding).

To view the full version of this articleScience Articles, and access further links and resources on this issue visit the Earth Vision site

John Orlandini AKA Johnnyo Animal Activist and Humanitarian

Keeping it real.

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The Cycle Of Life

by JohnnyO

April 15, 2020

Cycles of Life

Ways to have more fulfillment and fun!

Cycles of life - Numerous rhythms and routines occur in the universe, from the movements of the planets to the cycles of earth’s seasons, the ocean tides, economic cycles and even in our lives.

In the human body there are many cycles. We can look at the overall cycle of birth, growth, maturity, and the transition back home to spirit, God, the All (or whatever word you use to call it).

The physical body experiences a multitude of cycles, such as sleeping and being awake, breathing, blood flow and more.

These cycles of the body extend to the smallest level. Different cells such as hair, skin, muscle, etc. are created, grow, die and are renewed periodically.

Underlying these physical cycles of the body is the spiritual cycles of life. As we evolve, we experience cycles every seven years in our state of consciousness.

The key to successful cycles is to open up your inner connection and follow what you feel inside is best for you. As you sense what you truly desire and go for what you can, you will be experiencing and learning what you need in life and feeling fulfilled.

See how you relate to each of these cycles. This review can help you regroup your earlier years, clarify what is important now and be set for what is to come. This is especially true as you open your inner communication abilities, spiritual sensitivity, extrasensory perception or whatever you prefer to you call it.

The Cycles of Life

How does this Fit in your life?

Age Name of the cycle,Nutshell on this Cycle

The Basic Personality is Formed - This is the most important cycle because it has such an impact on all the other cycles. Young children are high in feelings. They tend to easily absorb what is happening in their environment.

Intellect Develops - During this time a child develops their understanding. They learn from the outer world (i.e. parents, school, etc.) and from their own experiences and feelings.

Identity Cycle - This is the age when people receive a better sense of themselves, instead of who they were trained to be, or thought they were. If they unfold a feeling of themselves from within, this cycle will help them bring out their real inner being in their lives. They will experience more of their good, kind, wise true nature.

Cycle of Maturity - By this time many people experience a feeling of wanting to leave the nest, making their own decisions and living their lives.

Seeking the Inner Kingdom - During these years a person tends to search for more in life. They have a sense they are here for a reason and want to accomplish their purpose.

Spiritual Abundance - The soul becomes more sharply attuned to the inner sense, and their good, kind, loving, wise spiritual being. A person may heal limiting concepts they picked up from the outer world, that do not fit with their true inner being.

Material Abundance - This is the time in life when a person tends to naturally attract more physical abundance. It is especially the case when they have been aligned with the natural rhythms of their previous cycles, such as being more spiritually abundant.

Spiritual Inventory - This seven year cycle is a good time to take stock of your life. What have you accomplished and learned from your experiences. The lessons you learn help you raise your state of consciousness. This is what you take with you when you return to the world of spirit.

This is a good time to consolidate your life and gain true lasting value from the time and energy you have invested.

Cycles of Life, Having Clear Inner Communication, Healing, Chakras, Connceting with You Inner Guidance or Angels living your purpose. 

John Orlandini AKA Johnnyo Animal Activist and Humanitarian

Keeping it real.

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Animal Spirit/ Healing and Respect

by JohnnyO

March 3, 2020

My name is John Orlandini (AKA Johnnyo Animal Activist and Humanitarian) Keeping it real and honest. Animal Spirit Wisdom to our past ... the animal held great power and symbolic meaning. In Native American culture and ancient, each animal is embodied with it's. Animals were the spirit of God's children with feeling like no others, personalities so different and unique. The gentle souls deep inside of a heart much greater than us humans'.

To our past ancestors, the animal held great spiritual power and symbolic meaning. In Native American culture, mythology and ancient civilizations, each animal is embodied with its own symbolic meaning and held its own unique spiritual power. A particular animal crossing your path had deep significance to your life and indeed a strong message to impart. The presence of animal wisdom may appear to you in a dream, on the physical plane or intuitively.

The Butterfly

The butterfly is the symbol of metamorphosis and transformation. The symbol of new life, letting go of old cycles and finding your true inner expression. The butterfly calls you to expand your awareness, spread your wings and call forth your inner joy. Let go of limitations, and free yourself to express your own beauty within.

It is the time of spiritual transitions. Symbolic of moving from one phase of life to the next reaching higher, reaching outward, leaving the safety of the cocoon and finding your own place among the flowers of life. Allowing the wind to carry you forward to your goals and dreams. A time of self-discovery rebirth. The butterfly shows you the beauty within. Go forth with joy. The power and spirit of an Animal are such greater to forgive, heal, love and being loyal. The Animal spirit is a gift.

John Orlandini AKA Johnnyo Animal Activist and Humanitarian

Keeping it real.

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The Vegan Diet & Healthy Weight

by JohnnyO

December 18, 2019 

Veganism is a somewhat foreign idea to many Americans. For generations, animal products have been the stuff of Americana: families have started their mornings with scrambled eggs, discussed their days over steak, and enjoyed ice cream desserts before bedtime. At the same time though, our waistlines have ballooned and our arteries have become clogged. Veganism offers a healthy alternative. Try it for awhile, or try it for good. Either way, you’ll reap great benefits: vegans are rewarded with slimmer figures, cleaner-running engines, and enhanced energy.

What is veganism?

The term “veganism” was coined just a few decades ago, and it’s derived from the word “vegetarianism.” Basically, vegetarians do not eat animals, but they will eat animal products such as cheese and eggs. Vegans exclude all animal products from their diets. Veganism involves avoiding milk and eggs as well as honey, gelatin, and animal-based food additives. (A common red food dye, for instance, is made from beetles!)

Is Veganism Difficult?

With animal products being used in everything from tortilla chips to candy coatings, some people imagine it would be difficult to adhere to a vegan diet. Depending on where a person lives, this could be true! 

The key is to place oneself in healthy environments:

  • It’s much easier to find nutritious, tasty vegan food at a health food store than at a traditional chain grocer. Smaller, independent groceries often have vegan and vegetarian hot food bars and refrigerated meals for people on-the-go.
  • When you’re choosing a restaurant, remember that certain cuisines are more easily made vegan. For example, it’s easy to adapt recipes to make vegan burritos, pad Thai, sushi rolls, and stir-fry.
  • Keep vegan snacks on hand at home, in the office, and in the car. With cashews, fruit salad, and dark chocolate within reach, sticking to a vegan diet can be remarkably easy.

How’s the Food?

Cultures around the world have been making delicious vegan foods for millennia: chocolate, hummus, fried okra, samosas, etc. Whereas traditional American foods tend to rely on animal fats and salt for flavoring, vegan foods make the most of nut oils and heady spices such as cayenne, ginger, garlic, and oregano.

What’s more, modern food companies have excelled at developing meat alternatives. Do you like bacon? A number of “fake bacon” products are perfectly salty and crispy, and they taste… piggy. Vegans also have delicious dessert options. Vegan apple crumble is divine – especially when topped with a coconut-milk version of ice cream.

People also notice that once they become vegan, they require less stimulation to enjoy flavoring. For instance, they are satisfied with a lower concentration of sugar in their desserts. That’s because their systems have become cleaner over time and are more sensitive to fluctuations.

Is it Safe?

Balanced vegan diets are so safe than in the Netherlands, vegans actually have discounted health insurance fees. Of course, it’s not wise to load up on vegan chocolate chip cookies and forget about nutrition. With the proper medical guidance, you can quickly and safely shed pounds by omitting animal products from your diet. Animals will thank you, and your body will as well.

Being a vegan not only keeps you youthful and healthy, but you’re saving your life and an animals life.

John Orlandini AKA Johnnyo Animal Activist and Humanitarian

Keeping it real.

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Redefining Fitness

by JohnnyO

November 19, 2019 

We are living art! Yes, accept it. When we walk, when we talk, when we smile, when we laugh, when we love, we are art. We are art because our essence, our spirit is beauty. We are beautiful creations! Unfortunately, we often forget about our inner beauty because our mirrors reflect something back at us that makes us grateful that beer goggles exist. But, I ask, why depend on a demented eye prescription when you can have the power to chisel the sculpted body that you desire? Over my years as a personal trainer and sculptor of bodies, I developed a balanced approach to fitness that allows the everyday person to adapt workouts to receive the kind of spectacular body they wish to achieve. And my approach isn’t filled with mundane exercises; I combine methods of dance, boxing, weight training and martial arts to help build flexibility, power, aerobic conditioning, and mental discipline. You can have a great body that enables your spirit to shine and unlock your personal greatness.

Focus, breathing and form are most important when it comes to fitness and exercise. Success begins with a healthy lifestyle that brings balance of mind, body and your inner soul. Without balance there is no peace, and without peace there is nothing. I love helping people unlock their personal greatness, but only you can turn the key.

I started Vegan Fit to promote a lifestyle with emphasis on exercise and diet. Focus, breathing and form are most important when it comes to fitness and exercise. Success begins with a healthy lifestyle that brings balance of mind, body and your inner soul. Without balance there is no peace, and without peace there is nothing. I love helping people unlock their personal greatness, but only you can turn the key. 

John Orlandini AKA Johnnyo Animal Activist and Humanitarian

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Animal Shelter Directors/The Truth

by JohnnyO

October 11, 2019 

Ok so lets talk about the title Director.

An animal shelter Director is a leader. A leader by example for his or her team, staff and volunteers. The Board of Directors are the people who hire the Director, and unfortunately they don't really have a clue how to hire for that position. With that said, the basic requirements are a 4 year degree and at least 3 to 5 yrs of experience, if no degree.

Most of the Directors' role is to raise funding or work with a Director of Development, and be the public face representing the facility professionally. But I am seeing more and more directors of animal shelters either getting fired or stepping down (which is a nice way of being forced out).

The bottom line is that it comes back to the Board of Directors not knowing how to hire. What they really want is a puppet they can control who won't argue with them on matters related to the animals or the facility needs. Now who gets hurt because of this corruption, as always? The animals.

If we hire Directors of animal shelters that aren’t afraid to get dirty, listen too suggestions of staff and volunteers, and respect their team by working for the reason you all have these jobs for the animals period.

I’ve not only ran a professional facility, but gotten dirty, worked closely with others, listened to suggestions on becoming a no-kill, gone out in the community, whatever it took. I've even worked with law enforcement and city council. But I didn't know how much scandal occurs behind closed doors; how many times people get accused of things they didn't do while other people who are doing wrong things get overlooked.

Life is about second chances. And when the Board of Directors hire Directors who care and believe in the animals, we can become a no-kill nation. Until then I’ve been consulting with all avenues of Animal Welfare as I’ve covered most all positions personally. I am boots on the ground and I have no problem getting dirty, it’s all for the voiceless.

John Orlandini AKA Johnnyo Animal Activist and Humanitarian

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Animal Shelters NO-KILL - True or False? 

by JohnnyO

July 22, 2019 

No-kill animal shelters: Do they really exist? Some facilities claim to be a true no-kill and some give a high percentage of no-kill. A true no-kill animal shelter is a facility that will never destroy an animal to make room; they would only euthanize animals that are so ill that every avenue of saving them hasn't worked and the only humane thing to do is to euthanize.

As for aggressive animals that would be harmful to humans, they are also euthanized if all resources of rehabilitation have been exhausted. Keep in mind that sometimes it's the environment, not the animal that's the problem.

Sometimes saving animals requires thinking outside the box. For example, for cats with contagious diseases can be placed with other cats with the same conditions, separate from healthy cats. Dogs that are aggressive can be placed in a true sanctuary for the remainder of their lives. 

But these options come with an expensive price tag, so let's ask the question again... Do no-kill animal shelters actually exist? The truth is no, so if an animal shelter says they have a 90% or higher no-kill rate, that's really good. 

Why are animal shelters always overcrowded? It's a good question, and my theory is simple: it all starts with puppy mills (which I will expand upon in a future blog), and "backyard breeders". Animals shelters get the overflow of puppies purchased then dumped, and whatever backyard breeders can't sell, the shelter gets. As for cats, ferals continue to produce litters so TNR needs to be very aggressive, as well as the promotion of spaying and neutering. ​With greater awareness, can animal shelters become 100% no-kill? The answer is YES!

JohnnyO, Animal Activist and Humanitarian.  Remember: ADOPT don't SHOP. 

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