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The JohnnyO Chronicles

Welcome to my new blog series which will cover subjects I feel to be important on animal welfare and humanity. 

An ongoing series of inspiration and information. Topics that are relevant and real. 

Animal Shelter Directors/The Truth

by JohnnyO

October 11, 2019 

Ok so lets talk about the title Director.

An animal shelter Director is a leader. A leader by example for his or her team, staff and volunteers. The Board of Directors are the people who hire the Director, and unfortunately they don't really have a clue how to hire for that position. With that said, the basic requirements are a 4 year degree and at least 3 to 5 yrs of experience, if no degree.

Most of the Directors' role is to raise funding or work with a Director of Development, and be the public face representing the facility professionally. But I am seeing more and more directors of animal shelters either getting fired or stepping down (which is a nice way of being forced out).

The bottom line is that it comes back to the Board of Directors not knowing how to hire. What they really want is a puppet they can control who won't argue with them on matters related to the animals or the facility needs. Now who gets hurt because of this corruption, as always? The animals.

If we hire Directors of animal shelters that aren’t afraid to get dirty, listen too suggestions of staff and volunteers, and respect their team by working for the reason you all have these jobs for the animals period.

I’ve not only ran a professional facility, but gotten dirty, worked closely with others, listened to suggestions on becoming a no-kill, gone out in the community, whatever it took. I've even worked with law enforcement and city council. But I didn't know how much scandal occurs behind closed doors; how many times people get accused of things they didn't do while other people who are doing wrong things get overlooked.

Life is about second chances. And when the Board of Directors hire Directors who care and believe in the animals, we can become a no-kill nation. Until then I’ve been consulting with all avenues of Animal Welfare as I’ve covered most all positions personally. I am boots on the ground and I have no problem getting dirty, it’s all for the voiceless.

John Orlandini AKA Johnnyo Animal Activist and Humanitarian

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Animal Shelters NO-KILL - True or False? 

by JohnnyO

July 22, 2019 

No-kill animal shelters: Do they really exist? Some facilities claim to be a true no-kill and some give a high percentage of no-kill. A true no-kill animal shelter is a facility that will never destroy an animal to make room; they would only euthanize animals that are so ill that every avenue of saving them hasn't worked and the only humane thing to do is to euthanize.

As for aggressive animals that would be harmful to humans, they are also euthanized if all resources of rehabilitation have been exhausted. Keep in mind that sometimes it's the environment, not the animal that's the problem.

Sometimes saving animals requires thinking outside the box. For example, for cats with contagious diseases can be placed with other cats with the same conditions, separate from healthy cats. Dogs that are aggressive can be placed in a true sanctuary for the remainder of their lives. 

But these options come with an expensive price tag, so let's ask the question again... Do no-kill animal shelters actually exist? The truth is no, so if an animal shelter says they have a 90% or higher no-kill rate, that's really good. 

Why are animal shelters always overcrowded? It's a good question, and my theory is simple: it all starts with puppy mills (which I will expand upon in a future blog), and "backyard breeders". Animals shelters get the overflow of puppies purchased then dumped, and whatever backyard breeders can't sell, the shelter gets. As for cats, ferals continue to produce litters so TNR needs to be very aggressive, as well as the promotion of spaying and neutering. ​With greater awareness, can animal shelters become 100% no-kill? The answer is YES!

JohnnyO, Animal Activist and Humanitarian.  Remember: ADOPT don't SHOP.